• The completed Admission Form along with copies of birth certificate 3 passport size photographs and the Registration Fees (non-refundable) must be submitted to the school office.
  • After the admission Form has been processed, a date is given for the applicant’s assessment.
  • Parents are informed of the outcome within one week of the child’s assessment. If a place is offered, the child’s admission / enrollment must be confirmed and all dues paid within 3 days of the date of offer.
  • If within 3 days, enrollment is not confirmed, the child’s place is offered to another candidate.
Class Age
Play Group 3- 3 1/2 years
KG – I 3-4 years
KG – II 4-5 years
One 5-6 years
Two 6-7 years
Three 7-8 years
Four 8-9 years
Five 9-10 years
Six 10- 11 years
Seven 11-12 years
Eight 12-13 years
Nine 13-14 years
Ten 14-15 years

Entry Test:

To join the Chand Bagh Day School for Girls very child has to meet the criteria and pass the entry test. A special syllabus has been designed for entry test which is provided to parents at the time of registration.